Courses Offered

Subjects offered in the Higher Secondary Course
(i) Compulsory Subjects:
 * English
 * MIL (Assamese/Bodo)
 * Environmental Studies (in HS 1st year class)

(ii) Elective Subjects
 * Advance Assamese/ Advance Bodo/ Sanskrit/ Arabic
 * Economics
 * Education
 * Logic and Philosophy
 * History
 * Political Science
 * Mathematics
 * Swadesh Addhyayan
 * Statistics

It is compulsory for a student to study minimum three subjects from the above-mentioned list of elective subjects. However, a student may take up one more subject from the same list as an additional elective subject.

Subjects offered in the Undergraduate Courses
B.A. Honours subjects-
 i) Assamese
 ii) English
 iii) Political Science
 iv) Education
 v) Economics
 vi) Philosophy
 vii) History
 viii) Sanskrit
 ix) Bodo
 x) B.Com Courses

B.A. General subjects-
 i) Assamese
 ii) English
 iii) Political Science
 iv) Education
 v) Economics
 vi) Philosophy
 vii) History
 viii) Sanskrit
 ix) Bodo
 x) Statistics
 xi) Mathematics
 xii) Arabic
 xiii) Computer Application

B.Com Honours Subjects
 i) Finance
 ii) Accountancy
 iii) Management

B.Com General courses are also offered by the college.

Add-on Courses
1. Child Care
2. Teaching Methodology
3. Research Methodology (6 Months)
4. Spoken English
5. Value Education
6. Entrepreneurship Development
7. Creative Writing in Assamese
8. Speaking and writing in Bodo
9. Script Writing Skill of Play and Skill of Dramatization, Recitation for Dialogue Delivery.
10. Basics of Library Management
11. Cultural Heritage of Lower Assam
12. Human Rights
13. Application of Statistics in Research
14. Basic Computer Hardware and Networking
15. Anchoring in Sanskrit
16. Tally ERP

Skill Based Certificate Courses
1. Beautician
2. Knitting, Cutting and Embroidery
3. Solar Power Installation, Operation and Maintenance by NIELIT
4. Basics of Electrification and Solar Power Technologies by NIELIT
5. Yoga and Self Defence under NSQF UGC
6. Office Automation under NSQF UGC
7. Basics of Web Technologies and Programming Concepts by NIELIT
8. Vermi-composting
9. Mushroom Cultivation
Rural Employment Generation Scheme
a. Ball pen Making
b. LED Bulb Making
c. Copy Making
d. Pickle Making

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