Political Science Department of B.H.B. College

The Department of Political Science, B.H.B. College is leaving no stone unturned to impart disciplinary knowledge to the students, mostly hailing from rural and socially backward areas. The Department established at the very inception of the College in 1971. The degree course was started in the college in 1977 under Gauhati University and the major course was started in 1989. All the faculty members of the department have participated in different training programmes related to academic matters. The department has a small library containing more than 148 books. The faculty member Miss Silpasree Das is the In-Charge of the library. Books are issued to both students and teachers for fifteen days. So far as the publication of the department is concerned it can be mentioned that we publish annual wall magazine name “Politica” in which the latest information both India and Assam are highlighted. Again the writings of the faculty members as well as the students of political science are published regularly. The strength of the department are- good faculty members, adequate number students, special classes are available for major students for their convenience. The problem of the department is that it has only two permanent faculty members, lack of facility for using ICTs’ and PPT due to poor technological assistance. Most of the students belong to underdeveloped areas and poor communication skills among students due to practicing regional languages.

Faculty List of Political Science Department