Logic & Philosophy Department of B.H.B. College


   The Department of Philosophy B.H.B. College, Sarupeta was established with the very inception of the College i.e. in 1971. Logic was introduced at that time as an elective subject in Higher Secondary class. The pass course in UG level was introduced in 1991 and the Major course in Philosophy was started in 2003.

    At present , three faculty members are serving in regular post. Mrs. Rina Rani Deka is the HOD of the Department. All the faculty members of our department are energetic, dedicated and sincere. The department introduces the monitoring system in the teaching learning process. The enrollment of the students in the department is satisfactory so far as the results of the department is concerned in both the H.S. & Degree levels.

Special Features

          1) We have a department library in our dept. with more than 100 books.
         2) For counselling and guidance outside the classrooms.The students of the Major course have been divided into groups and each group has been assigned to a teaching for mentoring.
         3) We established a forum "Philosophical Society" in 2012 with the initiation of the faculties as well as our students, aiming to develop creativity , moral sense and overall development of a student. 'Inanam' , the wall magazine of the department , published every year is one of the special features of our department.
    There is a well scope of improvements in the academic dimension of the departments.We have an aim to introduce P.G. course in Philosophy in the near future.

Faculty List of Logic & Philosophy Department