Assamese Department of B.H.B. College

The Department of Assamese was established at the very inception of the college i.e. in 1971. The General Course in Assamese was introduced in 1971 under Gauhati University and the Major Course in the subject was started in 1984. The Department of Assamese keeps various aims and mottos while imparting education to its students. We ensure that each and every student gets the good quality education from its teachers. We think that through the tool of education, the students light up in the society. Better education is the field where we would like to improve the most as it connects with the bright future of the students. As the subject of Assamese is mandatory to all the students in the educational curriculum of our University, so the highest number of student shares in the college is primarily from our Department. Till now, many students have secured good positions in the society from our department and thus helped in rising popularity of the college.

Faculty List of Assamese Department