Arabic Department of B.H.B. College


     The Dept. of Arabic was established in 2000-2001.The general course Arabic was formally resolved to introduce by the G.B. in 2002 at Degree Level and got permission in 2007 (E.C. Resolution 2007/08/150(II) Dt. 19-05-2007) and has got subject concurrence in 2009 (AHE- 147/2009/12 the 5th June 2009)

Department Library

     Apart from the Central Library of the college, there is a departmental library in the dept. of Arabic consisting of more than 100 books. Most of them are subject concern both Text and Referrences. Books are issued to both teachers and students.

Publication of the Department

    The Department of Arabic has published a departmental Journal "ILIM" in every year.

Wall Magazine of the Department

     The Department of Arabic has dbeen publishing a wall megazine "IKRAH" in every year.

Mission & Vision of the Department

     a) To open Major course in Arabic Subject
     b) To introduce Functional Arabic in the Department of Arabic
     c) To organized a national seminar in the Dept. of Arabic.
     d) To increase more faculty members as per the student strength in Arabic Subject.
     e) To improve the Depertmental Library with more Books and Journals.
     f) To organize a Major/Minor Research Project by the faculty members of Dept. of Arabic.

Faculty List of Arabic Department