Bodo Department of B.H.B. College

The Department of Bodo was introduced in the B.H.B. College along with the Bodo Students Literary socity in 1999.
The Department has the following courses for study.These are --
1.MIL(Bodo) both H.S. and Degree Level
2.Advance Bodo in H.S.Level
3.Elective Bodo (BDL) in Degree Level
4.Bodo Major in Degree Level
The Dept. of Bodo has the Government concurrence of A.H.E. (DHE) Kahilipara, Govt. of Assam. No. & Date AHE 147/2009/12, the 5th June, 2009.
The Dept of Bodo has been doing its activities not only on language and literature but also on socio-cultural activities in co operation with the Bodo Students' Literary socity since the inception of the socity and Bodo Department.
The basic visions of the dept. of Bodo is to enlarge and inhance the Bodo language and literature both in the academic course of study and the practical communication with other people.

Faculty List of Bodo Department