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Welcome To Bhawanipur Hastinapur Bijni College

Established on the 1st of July 1971, Bhawanipur Hastinapur Bijni (B.H.B) College, as an institution of higher learning at Sarupeta affiliated to Gauhati University, serves the socially and economically backward people of the vast area well. It is ideally located among three revenue mouzas/tehsils, as indicated by the very name of the College, under Bajali Sub-division of Barpeta District. B.H.B. College is the oldest

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Principal Desk

  • Dr. Birinchi Kr. Das

    Qualification : MA(English), PhD Joining Date: June 18, 2018

    At the outset, I look on it as my privilege to offer hearty welcome to all of you. Bhawanipur-Hastinapur-Bijni College, known in short as B. H. B. College, has a glorious history like the greater Sarupeta it is situated in. This college is the result of the endeavours of some visionaries of this locality, who could realize the importance of dissemination of higher education among the poor common people inhabiting in three historically significant mauzas namely Bhawanipur, Hastinapur and Bijni, and their selfless efforts brought fruit in the name of B. H. B. College, the first of its kind in this vast area, on the 1st of July in the year 1971.>>Read More